22 Fresh Memes of the Dankest Kind

As the days pass, horns of boredom screaming and seas of monotony rising to engulf us whole, there is only one source of light in this immense darkness: intermittent batches of densely-dank memes created to uplift and restore. These memes are the last rock we have to cling to, the last bundle of roots to dangle from. These danker-than-dank memes that cannot lie.

These memes have become one with the dank after being double-dipped in it. It envelops them as they march on. They take delight in their dank. They've learnt to use their power wisely, to put their dankness to good use. A fellow admirer of the dank collected the dank memes below on the basis of their individual dankness. Enjoy them in moderation.

And don't forget that there's always more dank where that came from. Because if the internet is good for anything, it is for functioning as an endless stream of dank memes.
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