20 Memes Danker Than Your Dog’s Dung

Enjoy a nice assortment of hand picked memes sure to brighten up your day. Another day, another dank meme collection to keep you happy. They make the sun go up and down, the world go round, the chicken cockadoodledo, and the werewolf howl at the moon. They're the fuel in the coal fires that power the electricity of society, polluting our cities with dankness, and cleansing them with flowering freshness.

Dank memes saturate the clouds, filling the world with rich rainfall and plentiful weather patterns, washing through the world's waterfalls, and wooshing through the wold's windmills, powering the sustainable energy of our society, and ensuring the future will still know the power of the dank meme. They enrich our soil, spawning dank meme trees. And when they die they cover the forest floor, engulfed by fresh meme fungus, to recycle, re-use, and eventually re-post into new formats, ever lasting, ever growing, and ever creating.
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