22 Dank Memes That Are a Little Fed Up

Memes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and dankness levels. They're a dime a dozen these days. Each day, many of the internet's denizens trawl the waters of the internet for the schools of dank memes that swim through its waters, participating in the ecosystem of dankness. Kind of like fish, a good meme should be somewhat dank.

And it's a good thing the internet is increasingly flush with dank memes. After a hard day's work, selling off more shares of your waking life for the monies you need to get the snacks you need to forget the fact that you're selling off shares of your waking life, nothing soothes the pain better than a danker-than-dank meme.

So, click onward, scroll ever forward. There's plenty of dankness awaiting you below, as per usual. And there will likely be for some time to come: dankness waits for no man and moves ever onward.
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