22 Hot Babes Pics That Could Be TOS Violations,Censored,or Deleted...

ULOOK2's Unofficial Guide to getting views and staying within the standards of EBW for uploaded material for galleries!(I am not a Mod or authority and in NO WAY WORK FOR OR SPEAK FOR OR REPRESENT EBAUMSWORLD MANAGEMENT,ADMINISTRATION OR MODERATORS)I am just an uploader and viewer...your average member.
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Let us never forget,this was once an ADULT SITE before the first redesign,lol,and I'm sure the transition went better than expected by most of us and we're all still here.I don't want to speculate on what our rating is today,but material uploaded to the galleries must be selected to stay within EBW standards.Although well defined,unless we are talking about the same picture it can leave unspeakable gray areas open to individual interpretations or judgements.So I have compiled some examples we can use as a guide of what areas to stay away from if you don't wish to violate TOS or have you pictures blocked or removed.AGAIN;this is only my opinion,based on my experiences,and trends I have noticed,plus maybe warnings I have gotten in the past.NOT ENDORSED OR APPROVED BY EBW
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