22 Cringe Lords and Ladies Share Their "Requirements" in a Mate

Social interaction is a part of life that can admittedly be tricky to navigate. Some people have a harder time than others when deciding which things they should share and which things they should deny until the day they leave this world. Check out this big batch of pics full of the uncomfortable awkwardness commonly known as 'cringe'.

There are garbage people roaming the earth. People for whom "just be yourself" is the last piece of advice they should ever heed. But, because we have the internet, we can at least build up something of a tolerance to these excruciating cringe lords and ladies.

Below are 22 prime examples of just how wrong things can go when self-awareness goes one way and an undeserved sense of entitlement go the other. These folks are honestly, really, truly, the worst. How does someone get through life with such a complete lack of understanding?
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