22 Tinder Pickup Lines That Worked…Sort of

After all, not all girls will give great responses like these…

Dating apps are the solution to a problem that should not exist, increasingly, newer generations' ineptitude in personal interaction in person is becoming more and more pronounced. Rare is the relationship that "started at the bar", and more often than not it is awkwardly coming up with a s***ty excuse besides "We met on Tinder". But we should be perfectly capable of chatting up a stranger in an attempt to overpay on a date or simply get in their pants. But I digress. At least you know most people cannot be as bad as these Tinder fails, so take heart that you aren't in the shallowest part of the gene pool.

Sometimes though lines are REALLY out there, a bit too much for use anywhere but these dens of social inequality. These crazy Tinder lines will definitely have you wondering where humanity went so wrong.
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