20 WTF Things You Can Buy On The Internet

The internet is a truly magical place. With billions of people connected together via an invisible network of nigh-instant transmission, we've been able to enrich ourselves and each other with copious amounts of knowledge, dankness, inappropriate pictures. No matter how weird or strange you may seem among the people in your immediate vicinity, you can always find like-minded others online -- for better or worse; there's always a buyer for whatever you're selling on the internet.

While that's arguably a good thing -- the ability to offload the goods you've desecrated over years for a pile of cold, hard cash is a spectacularly good proposition -- it also means that things that would otherwise belong in a bonfire raging in Satan's backyard end up for sale online.

Down below are is a collection of the most deeply WTF items for sale in their respective sections of internet swampland -- ranging from the funny to the downright cursed. Enjoy.
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