23 Designs that Should Have Never Seen the Light of Day

A good design (or a bad one) can make or break a product, service, or even advertisement. Some people spend countless hours tweaking and perfecting their designs while others seem to just be flying by the seat of their pants and winging it in the laziest fashion possible, and then wonder why their project flops or never really took off.

Designing is a funny thing. It implies intent; you're designing something to accomplish a goal. How well it accomplishes that goal is the main barometer of how successful it is. To a certain extent. Ask any A.I bro about the potential dangers of a design being too good and they'll tell you about the Paper Clip Maximizer thought experiment -- tell a superintelligence to make as many paper clips as possible and it will, without proper constraints, turn the universe and everyone in it into paper clips. That's being too good. These designs do not have that problem.
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