23 Dank Memes We Found in Our Dad's Sock Drawer

Life can get stressful. It can get repetitive. Dull. The saying goes, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" -- and it's an appropriate saying for the times. We're overworked, burned out and, well, tired. But you don't have to be. We have to remember to take time out for ourselves and laugh every once in awhile.

To that end, we sent a special Meme Excavatory Team to the banks of the Tigris river to unearth a series of ancient memes that once belonged to a Mesopotamian pharaoh. Still moderately fresh, these memes thankfully only grow danker with time -- leaving us with some incredibly strong memes to enjoy.

That said, our recently-deceased expedition leader says that there is the possibility that this collection of absurdly dank memes are in fact cursed. It could, of course, have been his imagination but the sheer amount of scrawling he did on the walls of his apartment and the fact that it was all in Sumerian lends some credence to the notion.

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