23 Dank Memes That Deal in Dankness Alone

Memes. The dank delicacy of the internet denizen. They're grown by the dozen here online, in the wild internet badlands that together create the meme stream. Bursting from the fountain of dankness, these memes descend into our respective internet fiefs, bestowing upon us dankness to carry us forward just a little longer.

And good thing, too. Memes are best served in a rapid-fire succession; they're more french fries than foie gras. You don't dilly dally, you chew through pounds of them in one go. Who's ever sat savoring a meme? It's a quick chuckle and then on to the next one. That's just how memes work.

So down below, scroll away and enjoy the meme-show. They're cheap and dirty, waiting for the dankness of deliverance. Enjoy them, laugh at them on your break or during your commute home, and then be on your merry way. That's how life works. Or at least how it should.
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