23 Insults That People Will Never Forget

We have all experienced getting insulted at least once in our lifetimes. For some people it is a much more frequent occurrence than it is for others, We usually get a pretty heavy serving of insults and roasts during the high school years, and sometimes it even lingers on through college and well into adulthood. For some people, it's no big deal and they can just tune out the person insulting them, for others the words might hit hard and cut deep... especially if there is even a fraction of truth to what is being said. While I'm not condoning or excusing the truly mean-spirited or intentionally hurtful insults, riffing on your friends or family members can have some truly hilarious results.

Check out this batch of funny, savage, and sometimes just plain mean insults that people heard about themselves and have not been able to get them out of their heads. You might even find some ammo for your next argument or roast-off.
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