'It's Morbin Time' - Morbius Memes Have Swept the Nation

The only thing we love more than a good superhero (villain) movie is a bad superhero (villain) movie, and according to reviews, Jared Leto's new movie 'Morbius' sucks hard. Now if you've been keeping score, Jared Leto has starred in both the worst DC movie and the worst-rated Marvel (associated) movie. Let that sink in.

And instead of letting the reviewers get people down about Morbius flopping, memers have taken the narrative into their own hands by sharing memes about how Morbius fever has swept the nation.

And we have a theory on why Jared Leto keeps catching strays, he's a terrible person to work with. According to Discussing Films on Twitter, Leto who play a character with a limp refused to break character on set, insisting he use his crutches to walk to the bathroom, in turn slowing down production. Eventually, a concession was made and Leto agreed to use a wheelchair to speed up his potty breaks. So there's that.
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