22 Trashy People Who Are Absolutely Made for Each Other

Just like your grandma always told you while you were growing up: "Little Jimmy, there's somebody out there who's a perfect match for you." The only problem is, that statement holds true even when Jimmy grows up to be a colossal piece of trash. Now don't me wrong, plenty of couples in this gallery are just exercising their constitutional right to freedom with the person they best exercise it with, but many others need to count their lucky stars that they found somebody to love them.

For example, one couple here decided to berate a young woman for the length of her shorts in Walmart. It's almost admirable how lockstep the couple was in their beliefs until you remember what those beliefs were. They obviously vowed to practice a holy matrimony of harassment and nastiness, but at least their relationship wasn't the problem. 

The same can be said for a couple who posted a Facebook profile picture of themselves in a Waffle House bathroom. Now I'm all for couples going for some parallel bathroom time in the context of freshening up or heading to bed, but stinking up a Waffle House dumper is not a group activity. But hey, at least they found love. 

Check out those couples and many other trashy duos who were made for each other. 

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