23 Wikipedia Entries with Not So Great Photos

Wikipedia: The online encyclopedia revered for its bizarrely niche articles, peeving pretty much every high school English teacher, and of course, its horrifying knack for identifying and deploying the absolute worst imaginable images for nearly all of its celebrity entries.

Defined by closed eyes, unflattering angles and unflinching absurdity — why *wouldn’t* Guy Fieri’s Wikipedia photo depict him judging a barbeque competition at Guantanamo Bay nearly 15 years ago? — the phenomenon, identified thanks in part to Annie Rauwerda from Depths of Wikipedia, has nabbed a dedicated Instagram page, several Twitter rants and a viral TikTok parody. “My job at Wikipedia is uploading the worst photo you’ve ever seen of a celeb to their page,” TikToker @pablomgoldstein began his viral clip on the topic, which has since garnered upwards of 1.8 million views.

“Did a fan take a flash photo of you seconds after he tapped you on the back? I’m gonna upload it,” he continued. “Did you ever wear a bad hat and a stupid sweater to a film festival that doesn't exist anymore? I’m gonna upload it.”

From Succession’s Matthew Macfadyen looking absolutely stoned out of his gourd, Meat Loaf’s uncanny resemblance to Jack Nicholson in The Shining (“Here’s Marvin!”) and Fieri’s Gitmo foray, here are some of the worst celebrity images Wikipedia has to offer… 

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