24 Depressing Memes For Depressed People

We all have those days when the responsibilities of life grow and grow, weighing on us like sand bags attached to our feet on every step we take. Sometimes these feelings only last a day, or even just until we take that first sip of morning coffee. But sometimes they last much longer, snowballing until they become part of our daily struggle; internalized but not addressed.

Although it is not a real form of therapy, sometimes it helps to recognize that others are going through difficulties as well, and that we are not alone. Often when we hold in our struggles, we grow blind to the fact that we are not alone in them.

While memes are perhaps the lowest step of validation, at least you can take the comfort that there are other people strong enough to make memes that understand your struggle. (Is that any comfort?) After all, as one of these memes says, "Do you think a depressed person could make this? Absolutely not." Well the answer is unfortunately yes, but at least you're not alone in your feelings.
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