24 Jokes That Flew Over People's Heads

A good joke is a joke you don't have to explain the punchline for. But sometimes when trolls are making jokes amongst themselves, innocent people get caught in the crossfire. After all, it takes at least a little bit of being in the know to get most jokes. The rest of them, well, just take the bare minimum amount of brain cells, but we all know not all of you have those.

To make a joke you need many factors. There needs to be a set up, introducing the premise. Many of these are pre-made like walking into a bar, or knock-knocking on someone's door. You need a progression in the middle of the joke, often using the rule of three. And you need a punchline, often subverting expectations of what the joke will be about. When done right, it's amazing. But then, all these dummies just don't get it. That's too bad, but at least they can become their own jokes. Here are 24 jokes that flew over people's heads to laugh at instead of the jokes themselves.
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