24 Unlucky People the Moment The Universe Shafted Them

We've all had those days. Those terrible, horrible days where life won't stop kicking you in the shin (and elsewhere). Where everything that could go bad, goes bad, and you're left holding the bag in a universe that seems to have it out for you in particular. It happens. To everyone.

And then there are these kinds of days. Days of unspeakable misfortune where the only reasonable explanation seems to be an inexplicable transgression against some deity that has made it a full-time job to screw you over in the most unbelievable, improbable ways.

While scrolling through the sheer misfortune and incredible amounts of bad luck down below, have some sympathy but -- more importantly -- find some relief. Relief over the fact that you are not these people. Conversely, if you are one of these people, stay the hell away from us. We don't want to be standing anywhere close to you when your vengeful deity strikes again.
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