24 Pics and Images That Are Technically the Truth

These 24 pics, images, and memes technically tell the truth. They are not wrong. And it is hard to argue with them. That is because they take things literally, and do not rely on any form of natural interpretation that is part of our language and understanding. So while they might not be intuitive at first, you will see that they actually cannot be argued with.

These photos, pics, images, and memes tell a unique kind of joke, where instead of the punch line coming from a clever subversion of expectation, or wordplay you wouldn't have naturally seen, they move in the opposite direction, towards childish simplicity, to a point beneath even the initial format of the joke. It is with this regression that "technically tell the truth" jokes work. That, and the fact that maybe you can learn a thing or two from them. So here are 24 of them from r/technicallythetruth.
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