23 Pictures Of Stupidity, Irony, and Karma

They say what makes you smart is to know what you don't know. Obviously some of these people were not smart, because they most definitely did not know that they did not know all of these things that they thought they knew. Was that a bit wordy?

Anyhow, here on the internet we are perhaps the most guilty of making confident assertions on topics we know little to nothing about, and by extension are then incorrect. These people are perhaps the most intolerable bunch of us all (I'm sure some of you are some of them), and it can be infuriating to deal with the conflict of it all.

We also however take immense pleasure in watching when mistakes are met with clap backs, consequences and karma, not to mention a little poetic justice here or there. These photos comprise a smattering of all three, although we like to focus a little harder on the moments of stupidity where people quite obviously, did not know what they did not know.
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