24 Pics Packed To the Brim with Dumb

A collection of dumb posts from all over the web guaranteed to make you facepalm. We live in a special time when not only are people proud of their ignorance, they are too far up their own butts to know it.

They say that the dumbest people think they are the smartest, and from the way these people display their ignorance with confidence I'd say that the saying holds up. After all, not only were these people being incredibly dumb, most of them had the confidence to put their idiocy onto the internet for all to boggle at, with the assumption that people were not going to just call them out on it. The fact of the matter is, there is no way to convince these people of their dumbness, because they are in fact too dumb to see it. Instead we'll just laugh at them here on the internet.
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Categories: Facepalm


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