24 Funny Memes With Subtle Undertones of Dank

We often underestimate the power of memes. Not only do they, after a hard day's work, help take the edge off the day and let you unwind with a laugh, but they're also kind of like emojis; they add a little more complexity to online communication that is otherwise a dumpster fire of misunderstanding, misinterpretation and misinformation. Memes make you laugh, but they also provide a little more information than just the picture or its quirky little caption provided on their own.

Memes are, arguably, more than the sum of their parts. If you get the meme, you get the context behind the meme. And that makes this cold, unfeeling messaging system that is the internet a little more human. Who knows, perhaps one day all of human communication will be meme-based. Perhaps what started out as just a funny photo with a quippy caption becomes the next stage of human evolution -- it would be fitting that when the asteroid eventually strikes or the sun swells to envelop our planet, we're all busy chatting in ironic meme templates.
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