25 Odd Things We Almost Never See

Some things you just don't see don't see every day.

Like a minotaur. Or, more specifically, one of your interns rapidly transforming into a hulking, misshapen minotaur. Or, subsequently, a minotaur rampaging across the halls of the eBaums World office.

You really just don't see that too often.

Similar to how rare it is to see yourself, finally cracking open the glass to retrieve the emergency Plasma Cannon and rolling out of the way of an intern-turned-minotaur (who you would then go on to refer to as the "Minotern") as he charges you with murderous bloodlust. Indeed, that would be wholly unexpected -- as would blasting said Minotern to smithereens moments later, repainting the hallway in the fetid, still-smoking detritus of the foul beast.

Or, yourself, staring in the mirror later that night, wondering who it is looking back at you. At the speckle of minotaur blood on your chin, wondering why it was so easy for you to pull the trigger. So easy.

Or Kyle's parents, as you inform them that their son had become a Minotern, and you'd been forced to send him back into the limitless ether of oblivion itself. Or Kyle's parents, as rage consumes them and brutal horns begin twist themselves out of their skulls.

Or your faint reflection in Kyle's trophy cabinet, just over the rapidly hulking shoulders of Kyle's mom as she morphs into a Mothertaur, and the smile begins to form on your lips as you wonder who the monster really is.

The kinds of things you just don't see don't see every day.
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