25 Helpful Guides to Keep Handy

It appears that we humans have a tumultuous relationship with information. We wouldn't be able to appreciate the beauty of human existence as it is without concentrated collections of information. The accumulated works of those who came before us lay the way for scientific growth.

But we can all agree that incorporating information into our think-meat isn't always easy; sometimes we need a splash of color and possibly a collection of cutesy visuals to help us cope with the insertion of amusing facts into our deteriorating, atrophied brain folds.

You never know when anything will come in handy. Maybe it's the strange, apparently insignificant statistic your cousin threw out amid an awkward silence at Thanksgiving last year. Or the stuff your nine-fingered grandfather said in your ear about how to keep them "dead."

Or, perhaps less likely, one of the informative and colorful guides on many topics that you can find right here.
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