25 Charts Filled With Random Knowledge

Knowledge is the basis of our society. In order for the very smart people who figure out the knowledge to communicate it to us very dumb people, we need graphs and charts like the ones featured in this gallery. Unfortunately most of the time us dumb people then say we don't believe what the smart people are telling us, and that we don't agree with it and that's our OPINION! But if the smart people are to have any hope in saving us, it's through their communication in simple terms that charts and graphs can understand. Here are 25 of those charts and graphs with random knowledge that you can either chose to agree or disagree with, even if one of those choices is blatantly wrong.

The thing is, that the smart people don't have much sway over the dumb people because dumb people don't realize they're dumb, and have more confidence than James Bond in a room full of young lady spies that definitely weren't sent there to bone him. Smart people on the other hand, spend their entire lives wondering if all that work was ever worth it. It probably wasn't now, was it?

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