25 Charts Filled With Random Knowledge

We human beings have quite a touchy relationship with knowledge. Without it, we'd never have built this glitzy, troubled, over-shiny predicament of a world we live in. We wouldn't have all the cool sh*t we love. Everything that was ever built was done so upon a foundation of the things built before it.

Yet, despite how ridiculously awesome knowledge and facts are, the current paradigm of learning manages to make the ingestion of information an arduous, sometimes soul-crushing task. And that's exactly where a collection of fun, colorful guides come in handy.

Why learn the rote way, filling your brain with useless information that you'll probably never need. And if you are going to stuff your grey matter with informative tidbits you'll never need, they should at least be informative tidbits you want. Or the process itself should be a little fun.

Enjoy the collection of cool charts and handy guides collected below, and remember there's always more knowledge to nom on later.
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