25 Dank Memes We Hid From the Tax Man

Last Friday at roughly 1 AM, at the local Connie's Nail Salon', this next batch of various memery was gained through totally legal ways that most certainly did not include anything substantiating breaking-and-entering, grand larceny, or public obscenity. 

How are they so inexpensive, you ask? Well, we found them... washed ashore. Right up along the beach. Drift-memes, so to speak. We tried to find the original proprietors of these splendidly dank memes but, without a way to contact them, thought the discovery was a fine mixture of 'waste not, want not' and 'finders keepers.'

Take a look around. Each one is as dank as an abandoned, backwoods porta-potty (in a good way) and as fresh as it gets. Why not munch on a dank meme or two next time you're feeling bored, dull, or burned out at the end of the day? You will not be disappointed. But remember, you didn't get these memes from us.
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