22 Dank Memes to Obliterate Boredom

Ah, memes. The last beacon of dankness upon this earth. With each day progressively filled with more and more depressing headlines and the world seemingly overpopulated with angry, subpar people, one of the last glimmers of good vibes has to be the random batches of dankness.

Down below are just about two-dozen freshly-procured dank memes, shaved off the thick, waxy top of the internet and shoved into the face-hole of this website we just can't quit. Chow down, mash them between your teeth, gulp down the dank. Fill your stomach with the fat, succulent dankness down there. And don't come crying to us if your innards can't handle 'em.

Chock-full of thick dank, the sack of memes down below is ripe for the plucking. So try to give a pluck and chomp into them bad boys before it's too late and the dank wind blows in another direction. Just kidding -- the winds of dank ain't going nowhere.
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