43 Cursed Pics Straight From Nopesville

Cursed Images are images are photos and memes that often give the viewer an uncomfortable or cringy feeling. This can be due to the poor photo quality or content within the image, or because the subject matter is abnormal or illogical. Images of this or similar nature are sometimes seen as the visual equivalent to CreepyPasta, which are basically short stories that get copied and pasted around the internet on various forums, threads, and websites.

They have inspired several popular social media accounts devoted to posting various cursed images. They even spun off their own subset of memes such as 'cursed image dealer' and similar. The opposite of cursed images are referred to as "blessed," while images that are both cursed and blessed are referred to as "blursed."

Turn the lights on, and lock the doors as you check out these creepy, odd, and WTF pics that are straight from hell and contain the same ingredients found in nightmares.
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