25 Photos That Should Be Album Covers

These are the pics go the extra mile. The pics that go hard.

Have you ever taken a picture and it accidentally turns out to the most fire photo you've ever seen.? That's what this gallery is all about. Found in the wild, somewhat accidental, perfect place, perfect time snapshots.

These are the pics you'd want to see cover art of your favorite rapper, band, or musical artists they're just that good.

If you look at a photo and double guess then probably doesn't belong. But you know it when you see it. From content to composition to lighting, and everything in between. Thanks to the amazing Twitter account, Images That Could Be Album Covers, we've collected 25 of our absolute favorite pics.

We've got everything from animals, to humans in pools, to selfies in outer space. Because if you're putting out good music, you need the cover art to match.
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