25 Pics Filled to the Brim with Dumb

Prepare your foreheads for some serious facepalm material, because these pictures are packed to the brim with stupidity. So take a break from the day with these certified moronic posts and be thankful you didn't make the cut yourself.

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Be careful with how dumb these pis are, after all, as the title says, they are overflowing with stupidity. You wouldn't want some of that dumbness to spill out onto you, cursing your body and mind with the ailment of stupidity, causing you to do dumb things everywhere you go, like putting the right sock on the left ear, or deciding to adopt a snake because you think the shape is cool and maybe you could get it to eat a mouse at some point, that would be rad. After all, you have a bit of a mouse problem, and maybe you could let the snake out from time to time. Oh crap, looks like you lost a snake now. That was dumb. Wonder where that snake went. All because you didn't handle these dumb pics with care.
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