25 Smartass Comments That Hit Their Mark

Funny comments and quick witted replies that hit their mark. When scrolling online, it's best not to leave a comment unless your absolutely certain someone wont come alone later and roast you for it.

It can be a dangerous world on the internet these days. Be careful what you post, because there may be consequences hiding behind every single click or copy paste. And I'm not talking about the times some bozo posts something overflowing with all that stuff you just can't say anymore and for good reason, because we as a society are slowly but surely progressing and creating a better world for all. No I'm telling you to be careful because there are people lurking in the comments ready to absolutely savagely tear you down, and take your face and boot it into the mud. People love to roast you, and they can be pretty clever some times. Here are 25 comments that hit their mark so you don't have to experience it yourself.
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