26 People Who Clearly Missed the Joke

Humor comes in many forms and fashions. From cleverly crafted one-liners, to lengthier stories and situational humor there is a type of joke or style of humor for pretty much everyone. Believe it or not, even dad jokes count as a type of humor and is often quite relatable even though the jokes themselves usually make us groan. It is probably because most of us had to suffer through it while we were growing up.

Dumb jokes may makes us laugh, but for most people out there, who simply don't get it, they get angry and confused by the superior sense of humor. Here are some doofs who wished they took a second before leaving their out-of-touch comments, because bro, that's the joke.

These are the stories of dumb jokes and the even dumber people who fell for them. Someone get these people a ladder, because these went way over their heads.

When scrolling through social media, keep an eye out for bait, because you never know when someone is leering in the corner waiting to get one over on you.

So take a break from the day and check out: Memes For Bad Joke Lovers
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