26 Satisfying Pics That Pleased Our Peepers

We could look at these all day, and we wouldn't blame you if you did too.

Imagine it. Your family just watching you with growing concern as you stare at the same screen, the same set of photos for hours at a time with the unblinking focus of an absolute madman. The children are scared, they don't understand what's happened to you, why oh why won't daddy respond?

They're wailing as your wife begs you to snap out of it, your family needs you and they're really worried. She calls your parents, puts them on facetime so they too can see the surreal, horrifying, and hauntingly dead stare behind your eyes.

In the dead of the night, they start to hear you muttering, faintly at first but as their ears hone in on the sound you're making, an unmistakable chill runs down their spines. "The old ones awaken," you whisper quietly over and over, your own eyes tearing up and crusting over from not having blinked in hours. The pain is indescribable, but a part of you knows, deep, deep down inside you in the darkest corners of your psyche that this is the price you must pay for your sins on Earth.

So anyway, that'd be pretty crazy, right?
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