25 Superhero Facts for Die Hards and Fair Weather Fans Alike

For newbies and true believers alike. Everyone is welcome to this nerd gallery.

I'll be honest and say that I'm about as fair-weather a fan as they come. I truly enjoy the MCU movies, and I believe that Tim Burton's Batman films are the OG's. I can also honestly say I've never once read a comic. And that's perfectly fine. I'm sure there are people reading this who have ALSO never opened the pages of a comic book. As previously stated, this gallery is for everyone.

Here are some fun and interesting facts that maybe even the most die hard of comic book fans wouldn't think of. We hope that reading this information here, is less off-putting than some pretentious NYU student bragging about comics at a party.

From DC to Marvel, Robin to Deadpool, and everything in between. We've collected 26 intriguing super hero facts that blew our mind like the Chitauri blowing up buildings in New York City.
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