26 Memes from ‘The Office’ That Would Get Michael Fired

If you're not a fan of 'The Office' I'll stop you here and say that you're wrong, and you should go watch the entire series right now. If you are a fan, you know Toby is the worst.

In that light, we've collected 26 memes that Toby would have a difficult time approving. Much like Michael getting Hooters to cater casino night or having alcohol at work parties, Toby is pretty much a stick in the mud.

Which is why, if given the choice between Holly and Toby as our HR representative, we would easily choose Holly 99% of the time. The only reason we would ever keep Toby around is just to watch Michael bully him mercilessly and that is it.

Whether it's Jim pranking Dwight, Dwight yelling at Pam, Pam avoiding Michael, or Michael just doing what he does...we've got the memes for you. Inappropriate, dirty, or dank here are 26 memes that would make Toby cringe.
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