27 Dank Memes We Won in a Police Auction

Some memes are danker than others. We all have that one meme that seems to stick around in the recesses of our minds, waiting in the wings to go flitting through our minds every couple of months. Maybe it was the first meme you ever saw or the only one this month that made you genuinely laugh out loud.

Or maybe it was a special heirloom of a meme, passed down through generations until it had the misfortune of being bequeathed unto you, only for it to be gambled away in a game of Five Finger Fillet. Whatever the meme, and wherever you got it, it's time to expand your collection.

Down below are some of the fresher memes to have cropped up atop the internet in recent days -- each one of moderate-to-strong dankness -- so go ahead and take yourself on a leisurely scroll through the garden of dankness splayed out before you down below.
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