27 Interesting Images from Our Amazing World

It is no secret that this spinning rock flying through space we affectionately call home is full of all kinds of amazing and spectacular things. There is a plethora of exotic animals and plants, tropical destinations, and a whole slew of fascinating people and places scattered all over the world. It's kind of amazing that as long as we humans have inhabited this Earth (a drop in the bucket on the cosmic scale, I know) there are still plants and animals that are undiscovered and "alien" to us. Perhaps there may even be organisms from outside of our planet living amongst us, who really knows?

So take a few moments and go on a virtual field trip and explore some of the intriguing things from our planet, without ever even having to leave the comfort of your desk chair, or better yet, lazy boy recliner. So sit back and relax and enjoy this batch of interesting, cool, and even a few funny pics.
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