27 Mind-Bending Photos

It continues, again.

You've opened the eBaums Box of Never-Ending Cringe. You've collected all the Cool Pics you could from the wreckage of the Pic Master's lair, readying yourself to slay the cringe-fiends laying waste to your hometown.

Weeks have gone by. Still no sign of the Pic Master. You've been emerging from the forest by day to scavenge for supplies while the titans sleep and rescue any people still capable of carrying themselves to the tree-line. The streets where you grew up, once full of smiling townsfolk, are now empty. Garbage drifts across the street. It is simply too quiet as the stench of gut-twisting embarrassment lingers in the wake of the titans' nightly assaults.

You look in your satchel and see you have only a few Cool Pics and Dank Memes left to ward off any Cringe or Cursed Pics that may be hiding in the cool darkness of the abandoned buildings. But your people need supplies.

The next house on your list is the home of the ex-wrestling coach who you always did your best to avoid. You crack open the door and pause, peering into the twilight within. As your eyes adjust to the light and the scattered mess of his mid-life crisis becomes visible, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

You're about to turn back when you remember little Jesse. She needs antibiotics, bad. Needs 'em bad. Grimacing, you enter the house, wading into the well of sadness, and regret. As you're stepping over another pile of discarded Coors Lights and Panda Express takeaway boxes, you hear it.

The cracked voice of a cringe-friend, coming at you from behind. You spin -- it's horrid, unspeakable. Your hand darts to your satchel for some Cool Pics to dispel the monstrosity but it's too quick -- the horrible cringe begins to seep into your guts. You falter to the ground, writhing in horrific embarrassment.

Is this it? As the blackness washes over your eyes you remember... faintly... the pic gallery that Arthur handed you before you left. "Just in case you need it." He'd said.

You tear it open, your packet of Mind-Bending Images, and throw it at the cringe-fiend. Are they choice enough to ward off the cringe?
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