27 Sad Moments of Cringe

There's something unique about an especially powerful cringe moment. Time itself seems to stop, the air grows thick and you start to feel it, the gravitational pull of densely-packed cringe. And, fight it as you must, the inevitable gut-twisting begins.

Worse than pure, unadulterated cringe, however, is when it is paired with the deep sadness of someone utterly detached from reality. Alongside the gut-twisting secondhand embarrassment comes the depleting sensation of utter sadness. How could anyone be this way? What right turn did they take when it should've been left that brought them here, to this moment?

It's not a pleasant feeling. But the best way to innoculate yourself against that sort of cringe is to regularly expose yourself to small amounts of it, building up your immunity the way a snake handler would with rattlesnake venom. And, if that's not enough for you or your tolerance for cringe is already high, remember there's always more where that came from.
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