27 Pics That Will Make You Hold Up A Minute

The internet is a powerful tool. It allows us to connect with other like-minded folks, no matter how niche your weirdness is. It also, conveniently, allows us to share the absurdities we see on a daily basis. In that regard, the internet truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Before the internet revolutionized mass communication, the bizarre exploits of your village weirdo remained confined to the village itself, known only by those there to witness the bitter and animated divorce proceedings of Bjorn and the rock-wife he'd sculpted out of granite only a week prior.

Now, however, the weirdness of all things is only ever a few clicks away. Behold, below, the rogue's gallery of funny and startling sights seen on the internet that gave people pause and raised a brow or two. The kind of pics that make you say, "Hol' up" and share with your friends just to be sure of what you witnessed.
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