28 Dank Memes We Found While Dumpster Diving

There are few things more rejuvenating, more deeply satisfying at day's end than the solace of a certifiably dank meme. This next batch of memes, though slightly damp and somewhat moldy, were found in one of our favorite dumpsters behind Guiltierro's, one of our favorite sandwich spots.

Don't make that face -- people throw good things away all the time. Just because they're a day or a few weeks past their expiration date doesn't mean they're suddenly inedible. No, look at them. Rinse 'em off a bit and they'll be perfectly fine. Better than most.

Seriously, unless you want to go and shell out for some of those high-end dank memes they sell inside the store, just wait a day and you'll find plenty of good ones right there. Grab a pair of gloves and some solid boots and you'll have a bountiful supply of dankness just ripe for the plucking.
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