25 Scary Ghost Photos That Seem a Little Too Real

Here we've got a freaky collection of bizarre and creepy pics we found while sifting through r/Ghosts. After pouring over hundreds of photos and chucking out some of the lamer ones, the faker ones and the just plain boring ones, these ghost photos seem the weirdest, most strange or most difficult to explain.

The question of whether there is life after death. whether spirits are real or if we can somehow "see" them has haunted humanity since we first descended from the trees many millennia ago. And while we and our crack teams of underpaid interns huddling in the basement are probably unqualified to say for sure one way or another, we'll just say they are. Because why not?

Many superstitions exist around the idea that film can capture more than the eye can see. Lost souls, wandering our homes, watching us spill guacamole on our shirts and wait until the episode was done to do something about it. It's both terrifying and oddly comforting to think we're not alone.

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