28 People Who Asked to Be Roasted and Got Nuked

If you have been living under a rock the past few years and aren't away of what "roast me" is, allow me to explain. There is a subreddit (/r/roastme) where people submit a photograph of themselves holding a piece of paper or a sign that says "roast me". This is probably done to ensure it is the actual person in the image asking to be roasted and not just someone using another person's photograph. Then other users of Reddit will leave comments on the post with a funny, witty, or just plain savage roast of the person. As time goes on the comments are voted on and ranked by members of the community with the best ones appearing at the top. It can be a great place for some hilarious entertainment at the expense of someone other than yourself.

So check out this batch of pics where people asked to be roasted and quickly found out they need to be more careful what they wish for because the internet is more than happy to hurt your feelings with words.
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