28 People Having The Worst Day Ever

Not every day can be perfect. We try out best to keep the life machine running smooth but too often it seems the universe just wants to kick us in the nuts and call it a day. We can't control every variable, but do the best we can anyway. Some days just, well, suck.

And then there are days like these. The sort of days that make you question the very fabric of reality. The kind of days that make you wonder if there's a giant kid with an hour glass perched above the earth, sending down a beam of pure bad luck on your little mortal body and watching with glee as your life explodes. Or implodes.

Down below is a gallery of people whose days were straight ruined. Destroyed. Annihilated. The kind of days that should cheer you up a tad the next time you've got a case of the "monday blues." Because, in reality, however bad your day's going, it's probably not as bad as these.
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