29 Frigid Pics to Make the Heat Wave Fun Again

Things are hot right now. With heat waves spreading across the northern hemisphere and people doing their best to keep their faces un-melted and butt-cheeks un-fused to their seats, huddling inside whatever refrigerated shelter they can find, many of us are reminiscing about the colder months of the year.

You know, that magical time any casual slip on the sidewalk can crack your head like a coconut and the streets become inundated with abstract sculptures of gray slush that look like the physical manifestation of depression itself. Who doesn't love a good, solid, hypothermic wintertime?

That said, the heat is a little much. Maybe you need something to cool you down and chill you out; whatever you're looking for -- whether its a reminder that the grass is always greener or something to lower the temperature, you'll find it down below. Let's all do our best to appreciate this heatwave -- think of it like the sun's trying to give you a hug.
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