30 Comments That Are Just Ridiculous

Comments on the internet are a tricky thing. The vast majority of the time, they are awful. This stems from the fact that most people who comment on the internet are total jerks.

I have my own theories about this, but when you take a look at comments they are typically overwhelmingly hateful and negative. Now I do not believe that people are innately hateful and negative as a species, but I do believe that there still are an immense number of people who are. It is those people therefore who are the ones that make comments. They are the ones who think it is worth their time to make an account, comment, and say something dumb and mean to someone else. They aren't the actual majority, but they are the commenting majority, and they therefore project into an echo chamber that only supports their beliefs.

But, that means that these people also post to the internet. And every now and then, when they do, the actual majority shows up and shuts it down. It's like a reversal of my commenting theory and it's beautiful. Here are some examples of that.
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