30 Cursed Comments That Smacked People Down

Cursed Comments refer to any replies to tweets, memes and online posts that are perceived as unexpected or upsetting. While the images of cursed comments are posted elsewhere (often with the name format of "Cursed_[Title]) as a source of humor, they are also known to evoke a feeling of fear and concern. For a comment to be considered "cursed," it must originate from a relatively surprising source, making them especially prevalent finds on Reddit, Instagram and Twitter, rather than niche platforms like 4chan or communities devoted to shocking content.

The oldest known cursed comment was posted as a screenshot to /r/cursedcomments in August 2020 by u/TracerJacer73, where it received approximately 16,300 upvotes in six months. The screenshot in question features a comment on a popular video called "The World’s Largest Gummy Worm," a video from 2010 that has nearly 89 million views as of July 2021.[3] Due to the original comment being removed, there is no way to verify the exact date of this comment, but it is estimated to be from no later than the video’s second wave of popularity in 2014. This makes it the earliest known comment to be officially labeled as "cursed" and receive viral fame as such.

A great collection of funny comments and savage comebacks that hit their marks.
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