20 Dad Memes That Are the Epitome of Fatherhood

The art of telling the dad joke has been passed down from generation to generation. But in a world full of memes, where do the dad jokes fit in?

The evolution of the dad joke has come full circle, as now we can express pretty much any emotion through memes. That includes the cringey, eye-roll inducing dad jokes.

Thanks to Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and all of the other father-friendly sites we've collected some of the best dad memes/jokes the internet has to offer. We never want to exclude anybody from enjoying our meme galleries, but this one's specifically for all the dad-bods out there.

We've got everything from beer to BBQ. From girls to girl scout cookies. From grass stains to fresh cut grass. We've got it all in this gallery. So even if you're a new father, veteran, or just enjoy sharing memes with your own pops. Take a quick gander, and enjoy 20 of the dankest dad memes.
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