30 Dank Memes That Washed Ashore This Week

With the sheer amount of chaos gripping the world this week, its hard to remember to carve out some time for ourselves to just relax, have a little fun and chill the f**k out. Because, sometimes, a little rest, relaxation and a bevy of dank memes are exactly what the doctor orders.

This few-dozen-strong batch of dank memes might be a little salty; that's just because they spent a few months in the ocean, drifting along, gathering dankness, as the current pushed them up the coast before delivering them to the beach nearby the office.

We had our unpaid interns spend the day gathering them up, dusting the sand off and trying to wash away the sea salt -- so you might wanna give them a rinse before sinking your teeth into these delectable nuggets of dankness. And, remember, one good turn of dank memes always deserves another, so don't be shy to grab a couple more.
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