30 WTF Headlines to Click the Heck Out of

The point of a headline in theory is to give you an idea about what an article will be about. In practice however, its purpose is to draw you in and leave you guessing just enough to get you to click on the article. These headlines however do more than just that. They make you think, what the f**k, as you contemplate whether to click on them, or just quit reading news forever all together.

These headlines deal with all types of crazy news, from sports, to politics, to just the crazy old happenings of the world. I'm a particular sucker for those dealing with public places and infrastructure issues, like the pot hole big enough to fit a man, or the discarded leopard print jacket that was enough to stop a highway. Those things just grind your gears enough to be annoyed, but not too much to laugh at. Hopefully you can have a laugh at these.
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